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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Restoration and Development in Bougainville

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Community Views on Restoration and Development

3 February 2010


The ABG Division of Planning, Monitoring and Aid Coordination has released the findings from a series of public forums that were conducted across Bougainville in 2009. Public forums were held in Buka, Arawa, Buin and the Carterets Islands to seek public opinion on whether progress has been achieved over the last four years, what the challenges to progress were and where the ABG should invest its resources to ensure continued development in Bougainville.

Forum participants were generally of the opinion that progress has been made on restoring and developing Bougainville. Participants complimented the community policing programme, noted the increase in the number of aid posts and discussed the number of schools in Bougainville.

Forum participants have also identified a number of challenges facing Bougainville, including the continued presence of guns in the community; the existence of the Morgan Junction Roadblock; the lack of financial and electricity services in most of Bougainville; the costs involved in sending children to school and shortages of medical supplies in Bougainville's health centres.

To achieve continued progress forum participants have recommended several actions that the ABG could take, including: improving the performance of the police; disarmament or registration of guns; the rehabilitation of dormant plantations; extending access to electricity and credit facilities; subsidisation of school fees; improved teacher performance; more health patrols and the recruitment of more nurses and doctors.

On behalf of the ABG the Division of Planning, Monitoring and Aid coordination would like to thank the 725 Bougainvilleans who took time out of their day to attend the forums and express their points of view.

A report summarising the issues raised at the forums is available from the Division of Planning, Monitoring and Aid Coordination. This report will inform advice to the Bougainville Executive Council on what Bougainville's development priorities are for the period 2011-2015.


Jamze said...

Thanx for the news. Good to have you back 'online' after your break.

Will this report be available on line? or by mail, or how? We are in a very remote part of Au with poor [and that's praising it] mail system [never to be called a service!]

regardz .. j

Wolfy said...

I can email it to you if you like.

Jamze said...

yes please - again. please use jaymz38@gmail.com to email the report

thanx and regardz .. j

Anna said...

I'd be interested in hearing about some of your work off the 'net (particularly the ABG health plan). Please drop me a line - annabauze@hotmail.com