Go Pinis

Go Pinis

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


So I have to go to higher ground because of a tsunami threat. The last one didn't eventuate but better safe than sorry.

Ok we are safe and sound, the warning was cancelled. That was exciting. At first no-one seemed to be responding, but then word went out on the radio and all of sudden everyone was piling into PMVs (public motor vehicles) and heading for the hills. Fortunately those are only 10 minutes from town.

Quite a gathering at my house. Binoculars were out, photo and video cameras were on stand by and Jane was serving drinks.

I've heard that a wave did hit the south east coast of Bougainville, as far north as Kieta and some parts of Arawa beach. However, I can't confirm those reports (not that anyone is actually reading this right now).

The response amongst the locals was good, but there were still many in town. You always get skeptics, and to be fair there simply isn't enough transportation for everyone, so that was sad to see. I hope the real thing doesn't arrive because many will be at risk.

At it seems the false warning (no evidence yet) has upset some people. I passed a friend of mine on my way out - he asked me "how serious are you." I considered the fact that he had children and replied "very serious." Yes these events can cause a lot of panic, but I would hate for them to play it conservatively and lose lives as a result.

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