Go Pinis

Go Pinis

Monday, August 10, 2009

And now…

Quick post to fill you in on recent events…

Finally launched the Administration's Corporate Plan, which I first worked on waaaaaaaay back in August 2008! Good things take time… Launching went very well, Vice-President was happy. Saved a few bottles of wine for the end of the week with my boss, went down very well.

Also conducted the fourth and final public forum on restoration and development in Bougainville, so relieved to finally have that over with! Turn out was a bit low at 70 people but had really good engagement and debate, which kinda makes up for it I guess. One of the highly paid AusAID advisors managed to fall asleep in front of the chairman though, both feet up on a stool and chin on chest, which was poor form…I expect a higher standard from those guys.

So with those and the Health Summit behind me I'm feeling a little more relaxed. The hospital project looks to be set aside for next year and is a big maybe, which is also a relief to be honest. Don't have the staff for one anyway so hopefully the focus will be a nursing school, which seems to be the way things are heading at the moment.

And my holiday is coming up. Hooray.

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