Go Pinis

Go Pinis

Monday, July 13, 2009


So we have internet access now! Wow. It is running via a satellite dish on the top of our new building, which is coming along nicely (although at least 3 months behind schedule).

In other news:

  • The date for the Health Summit has finally been set, 20th of July. It's been a lesson in sitting back and letting them work it out for themselves
  • The review of Bougainville's development priorities is slowly lumbering forward. Recently visited the Carteret Islands, a group of five coral atolls just past the horizon line. Was amazing and promise will put in some blog entries soon
  • Will be launching the ABG Corporate Plan this month (I hope), almost exactly 12 months after we first began working on it!
  • I've been preparing advice for the Minister of Finance on financial (mis)management within Government…has been interesting
  • I am juggling about seven different projects at the moment, but am finally getting on top of things
  • Next holiday is scheduled for September. Will be running around in the Highlands and some of the coastal areas (Madang, Rabaul)
  • I have two currently homeless VSA volunteers moving in for a week or two, and possibly a permanent flatmate from late August onwards
  • I thought it would be cool to hold a concert in August with me mate Francis. Time will tell whether that was a good idea

Ka kite ano.

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