Go Pinis

Go Pinis

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

No Tan Dan

Am aware that the whole cooking naked thing has a few of you alarmed so would like to reassure you that the arrival of freelance journalist and English emissary Dan Box has helped introduce some civility into haus bilong mi.

As I write he has just burnt our dinner (all he had to do was reheat the soup), but really he is quite a good cook. In fact we've eaten quite well – Steakfest '09, Prawnfest '09 and a hearty cooked breakfast that featured bacon marinated in molasses. Yes, I have molasses. No, I don't know where it came from.

Dan is here to record a couple of stories on the plight of the Carteret Islanders, whose land is slowly sinking and being eroded by the Pacific Ocean. Their story has received quite a lot of coverage due to the links with Climate Change (more severe weather patterns), and some are watching to see what lessons can be learned from Bougainville's efforts to relocate them onto the mainland. If you are interested Dan has a blog: http://journeytothesinkinglands.wordpress.com/

It's been great having him here, had some great debates on the deck and will always remember his Sea Snake Self-Defence Technique™. All the best mate.


dan box said...

Listen mate if I hadn't jumped out of that sea-snake's wriggly path in time I might very well not be here to write this. Screaming like a girl as I did so was purely for your benefit.

No Tan Dan

Becc said...

Is there a demonstration video of this sea-snake evasion? I might need it some day. Don't ever talk about cooking naked again. thanks.