Go Pinis

Go Pinis

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A night out

G’day everyone, how are ya?

I thought last Friday night’s festivities might make for an amusing blog post, so here we go.

Last night we had the house warming party for Mel and I, and it felt like half of Buka showed up! My fellow volunteers know quite a few people, having been here for awhile, and sorted out the invites for me. Ended up with a great mix of ex-pats and locals. The Bougainvillean women were fantastic, kicked me out of the kitchen and ordered me to socialise. Which I did, thanks to the three slabs of beer we had acquired. Am pleased to say the party went well, everyone got along, and some of the locals had a jam session in the lounge.

Got to about midnight and it was time to head down to Kenny’s, the local club in town. Now, before I start, I should note that volunteers have been warned not to go out on Friday night. It is considered a security risk - locals get pretty drunk and rowdy, and may start trouble.

So it was a Friday night and we all went down to the spot where all the drunk locals were. Have to say, it was pretty sweet. Kenny’s is basically just a dance hall with a courtyard outside, and the most disgusting men’s toilet I’ve seen yet – and I went to University in Dunedin. When I walked in I thought we were standing on a step above the dance floor. Then I realised that we weren’t – Bougainvilleans are just short. Well, compared to me, the now conspicuous white guy with snow on his head. All were friendly and all was going well…

Eventually we headed outside to grab a breather. Mel had, by this point, attracted the affections of a drunk, drooling local, who just wouldn’t get the message. I ended up having to get between the two of them, which he didn’t like. I didn’t have to do anything though – the locals around me intervened and the next thing I know half the pub is actively involved in throwing this guy out. Then the crowd outside flocks around him. Then the police show up. I heard Batman was on his way too but things cooled down. Don’t worry he didn’t get hurt by the mob, just a lot of pushing to get him out.

Mel, bless her soul, had gone back on to the dance floor and missed the whole thing.

About five minutes after that happened I noticed my friend Akeel was over by the entrance looking pretty pissed off. Turns out some dude slapped him, so Akeel delivered a few head butts back. Having heard his story I decided to call an end to things, so we all poured out of the club and into the back of Akeel’s truck and rolled off into the night.

I haven’t had a night like that since I was living in Napier.

Hope everyone’s good. Still not quite getting through the emails, but almost. Mum also gets legendary status for being the first to call me.



Bex said...

AWESOME post Wolfie!! hahaaa! God I wish I was there! It really DOES sound just like a night out in Napier! Keep up the good work mister.
xx Bex

Bex said...

Oh and that photo of you flipping the bird was inevitable. Can't be helped.

Cedar said...

Sounds like good times. The photos were actually quite like you had described, very coromandel bach like. The people are beautiful. Hope the work side of it going well. Ceds

anna said...

So, is there any work being done? Having only ever had refined nights out in Napier (not) I've actually got images of the Gardens pub in Nth Dunedin ...

Wolfy said...

Yeah, sort of...

Work has actually been flat out. More on that soon.

Darren said...

ahhh wolfie, I'm surprised you didn't throw in some head butts just for fun! what's happened to up holding the Pink Ginner spirit?